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IRIS Direct Marketing

IRIS Direct Marketing provides a ‘one stop shop’ for the provision of all your marketing needs in support of any major works projects which may affect the general public.

Specifically, we offer public relations, external communications and, in particular, Section 61 related communiqués covering noise pollution resulting from rail infrastructure, track maintenance and station refurbishment works.

We have carried out many projects on behalf of companies such as TfL, London Underground, Balfour Beatty, Crossrail, Volker Rail and Bam Nutall, relieving them of the external communications aspects pertaining to a project so that they can concentrate on their core business.

Increasingly, local authorities are requiring, or at least expecting contractors to follow best practice when it comes to keeping residents informed and that this is done in a timely and transparent way

Being proactive

Our previous work has proven that taking the initiative to open a line of communication with residents in situations where they are likely to be disturbed by necessary works-related events, minimises feelings of inconvenience greatly and offers clear results with regards to Public Perception Improvement (PPI).

Underpinning everything we do is our aim to ensure that a positive message is properly understood by all those affected, by being properly delivered and received in the spirit in which it was intended. We believe this to be key in creating goodwill and understanding among residents
Bespoke campaigns

We specialise in successfully relaying the project communiqué to the relevant target audience via a bespoke direct marketing campaign. Careful attention is paid to delivering our client’s message in a positive way using polite and personable staff who represent your business and your message with impeccable professionalism. 

Our extensive experience in the rail and construction industries places us in a unique and knowledgeable position regarding the sensitivity of the issues we are dealing with, ensuring a ‘best of brand’ level of service and client care.

Experts in Community Relations

As experts in all aspects of community relations we are able to go the extra mile to turn a good campaign into a faultless and streamlined operation which enjoys maximum impact. Our methods have been adopted as best practice by previous clients after being tailored to suit their specifications, and we are confident that we leave no stone unturned in our ongoing pursuit of excellence in our field.

Call us today on + 44 (0) 208 408 7107 to discuss how we can help protect and enhance your corporate reputation.

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